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 Meet Dr. Rajesh Mohan

Introducing Dr. Rajesh Mohan

A Strong and Compassionate Leader for New Jersey.

Rajesh’s leadership ability and insight extend beyond clinical practice. Rajesh has served communities for over 20 years as a quadruple board-certified cardiologist.

Dr. Rajesh Mohan, a longstanding resident of New Jersey, has been deeply rooted in his community for over two decades. Alongside his devoted wife Nandini, with whom he has shared 33 years of partnership, they have raised two accomplished sons, both Holmdel High School graduates. One son has embarked on a path as a Quantum Engineer, while the other has pursued a career as a Lawyer.

Central to Rajesh’s character are the foundational values instilled by his parents, Janak and Aryma, which emphasize diligence, integrity, and a commitment to justice. These principles have shaped him into a resilient individual, unwavering in his pursuit of what is right and his dedication to effecting positive change. From an early age, he was instilled with a profound sense of empathy, a quality that continues to permeate his professional and personal endeavors. He follows the teachings of his parents to never take anything for granted, always work hard, and leave nothing to chance.

Despite hailing from a lineage of legal and engineering professionals, Rajesh’s innate calling led him to medicine, where he endeavors to make a tangible impact on lives every day. Guided by the philosophy of “Service before Self,” a motto echoed by his alma mater, he has dedicated himself to cardiology, earning quadruple board certifications and amassing over two decades of experience serving communities.

Rajesh’s leadership ability and insight extend beyond clinical practice. Rajesh has served communities for over 20 years as a quadruple board-certified cardiologist. He holds an MBA and serves as the President and Managing Partner of a prominent multi-specialty medical practice. He has assumed various leadership, administrative, and teaching roles throughout his career, including a notable tenure as Chief Medical Officer of a New Jersey hospital, Chairman of the Department of Medicine, and Assistant Professor in New Jersey and New York medical centers.

Under Rajesh’s stewardship as CMO, the hospital above underwent a remarkable transformation, emerging as a beacon of excellence within a year. The hospital was dramatically transformed, expanding its services and implementing innovative programs and cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, all tailored to better serve the community’s needs. This strategic overhaul elevated the quality of care and yielded substantial improvements in the hospital’s financial performance, demonstrating Rajesh’s adeptness at navigating complex challenges while delivering tangible results.

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rajesh exemplified unwavering courage and compassion, selflessly tending to patients on the frontlines alongside his colleagues. As CMO, he adeptly navigated multiple surges of the crisis, ensuring the safety of hospital staff and minimizing the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

Rajesh’s dedication to medical education has also left an indelible mark. Over the years, he has mentored and trained numerous aspiring healthcare professionals. Through these experiences, he has gained firsthand insight into the far-reaching impact of policy decisions on individuals’ lives, reinforcing his commitment to advocating for policies prioritizing all constituents’ well-being.

Driven by an earnest desire to enact systemic change and improve the lives of New Jersey residents, Rajesh now seeks to represent the 3rd Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. With his wealth of experience, unwavering integrity, and deep-seated compassion, he aspires to tirelessly advocate for his constituents, championing policies that promote equity, prosperity, and the common good.

Mohan’s Policy Positions

Discover Mohan’s Vision and Stance on Key Issues Facing Our Nation

Mohan’s congressional platform centers on securing borders, revitalizing healthcare, safeguarding Social Security and Medicare, fostering economic growth, and addressing inflation. With a focus on these key pillars, Mohan aims to create a safer, healthier, and more prosperous future for all Americans.

Border Security and Stop Illegal Immigration

United in this crucial mission to uphold the safety and prosperity of our nation.

Patient-centric Healthcare

Building a healthier, more resilient future for a healthier America.

Social Security and Medicare

Honoring the legacy of our parents and fulfill our moral obligation for our seniors.

Economy, Small Business, Inflation, Jobs

Committed to building a stronger, more resilient economy that works.

National Security and Foreign Policy

Protecting America’s interests promoting peace through strength.