“Let’s Build A Stronger, Healthier America”

Patient-centric Healthcare

Serving New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District

Patient-centric Healthcare

These bold initiatives can revolutionize our healthcare system to prioritize patient well-being, address systemic inefficiencies, and ensure equitable access to quality care for all Americans. Let’s build a healthier, more resilient future for our nation.

Prioritize Mental Health:

Increase funding and implementation of mental health programs to address the alarming rise in suicides and deaths due to drug overdose. Recognizing the critical importance of mental well-being, our plan ensures comprehensive support for individuals of all ages, focusing on prevention, early intervention, and access to quality care.

Streamline Access to Care:

Remove bureaucratic barriers that hinder patients from accessing essential healthcare services. This includes eliminating the corrupt system of pre-certification and pre-authorization imposed by insurance companies, which prioritizes profits over patient well-being. Individuals should not be denied necessary treatments or tests due to administrative red tape, and those responsible for such denials must be held accountable for any adverse consequences.

Reform Obamacare:

Acknowledge the flaws in the current healthcare system, particularly the shortcomings of Obamacare. Our plan addresses the exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses and skyrocketing insurance premiums that burden middle-income Americans. By restoring affordability and accessibility to healthcare, we aim to ensure that all individuals can access the care they need without financial hardship.

Restore the Patient-Doctor Relationship:

Cut out unnecessary middlemen and bureaucratic layers that have eroded the relationship. The disproportionate ratio of administrators to healthcare providers undermines the effectiveness of our healthcare system. We can restore trust and efficiency in healthcare delivery by prioritizing frontline healthcare workers and reducing administrative overhead.

Address Systemic Dysfunction:

Recognize and rectify the systemic dysfunctions within the healthcare management and delivery system. The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the inadequacies of our healthcare infrastructure, highlighting the need for comprehensive reform. Our plan prioritizes resilience, responsiveness, and accountability in healthcare management to ensure we are better prepared to address future challenges.

Obamacare became effective on January 1, 2014. As per CDC data, by the end of 2014, the average life expectancy of Americans had decreased, which then continued to decrease until 2018. No one has even asked why. Suicide deaths increased across all age groups, more so in middle-aged women and senior citizen men. Deaths due to drug overdose increased across all age groups, the highest being among young adults. The recurring theme throughout has been that mental health has been ignored for all age groups – young and old.

On The Issues

Border Security and Stop Illegal Immigration
“Protecting Our Nation, Preserving Our Future”

United in this crucial mission to uphold the safety and prosperity of our nation.

Patient-centric Healthcare
“Let’s Build A Stronger, Healthier America”

Building a Healthier, more resilient future for a healthier America.

Social Security and Medicare
“Standing Strong For Social Security And Medicare”

Honoring the legacy of our parents and fulfill our moral obligation for our seniors.

Economy, Small Business, Inflation, Jobs
“Strengthening Our Economy, Securing Our Future”

Committed to building a stronger, more resilient economy that works.

National Security and Foreign Policy
“Peace Through Strength”

Protecting America’s interests promoting peace and stability.

Women’s Health and Rights
“Honoring Women and Ensuring Well-Being”

Prioritize the patient’s well-being, respecting their choices and beliefs.

The Second Amendment
“Balancing Rights with Responsibility”

Protect this fundamental right & commonsense measures to ensure safety.

Championing Veterans
“A Commitment to Dignity and Respect”

Advocating for the dignity, respect, and medical care for our veterans.