Mohan For US Congress

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Serving New Jersey’s 3rd District

Dedicated Leadership for Equity, Prosperity, and the Common Good

Dr. Mohan envision a future where every resident of the 3rd Congressional District has access to quality healthcare, education, and economic opportunities, regardless of their background or circumstances. Through collaborative leadership and a commitment to justice, I strive to build a thriving community where everyone can reach their full potential.

Protecting Our Nation, Preserving Our Future

Building a Stronger, Healthier America

Standing Strong for Social Security and Medicare

Strengthening Our Economy, Securing Our Future

Peace Through Strength

“Protecting Our Nation, Preserving Our Future”

United in this crucial mission to uphold the safety and prosperity of our nation.

“Let’s Build A Stronger, Healthier America”

Building a Healthier, more resilient future for a healthier America.

“Standing Strong For Social Security And Medicare”

Honoring the legacy of our parents and fulfill our moral obligation for our seniors.

“Strengthening Our Economy, Securing Our Future”

Committed to building a stronger, more resilient economy that works.

“Peace Through Strength”

Protecting America’s interests, promoting peace and stability.

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