“Peace Through Strength”

National Security and Foreign Policy

Serving New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District

National Security and Foreign Policy

Rajesh’s unwavering commitment to protecting America’s interests, promoting peace and stability, and ensuring the safety and prosperity of the American people. Let us unite behind these principles to build a safer, stronger, and more prosperous future for all.

Peace Through Strength:

Embrace the time-tested “peace through strength” doctrine to safeguard our nation’s security and interests. Rajesh recognizes that maintaining a strong and capable military is essential for deterring threats and protecting American lives and treasures.

Strategic Deployment:

Prioritize smart technology and agile military resources to achieve objectives without unnecessary risk to our armed forces. Rajesh advocates for precision targeting and strategic planning to address global challenges while minimizing the need for large-scale military interventions.

Alliance Coordination:

Ensure close coordination with allies, particularly within NATO, to address international hotspots effectively. Rajesh believes in unity among like-minded nations to confront common threats and promote stability and security worldwide.

Zero-Tolerance for Terrorism:

Adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards terrorism, including state-sponsored terrorism from regimes like Iran. Rajesh stands firm in his commitment to combatting terrorism in all its forms and holding accountable those who threaten our national security and the safety of Americans.

Strategic Foreign Aid:

Tie foreign aid to accountable and tangible objectives that align with our national security interests. Rajesh advocates for a results-driven approach to foreign assistance, ensuring that taxpayer dollars are invested wisely to promote stability and security in regions of strategic importance.

Swift Retribution:

Respond swiftly and decisively to any attack on America or Americans with overwhelming retribution. Rajesh believes in sending a clear message to adversaries that aggression against the United States will not be tolerated and will be met with swift and severe consequences.

Promote Peace and Prosperity:

By projecting strength and resolve on the global stage, Rajesh aims to deter aggression and promote peace and prosperity at home and abroad. A strong and resolute America serves as a deterrent to those who seek to undermine our nation’s security and stability.

In an ever-changing world, Rajesh is steadfast in his commitment to prioritize national security and forge strategic alliances, ensuring a safer and more resilient America for future generations. Rajesh believes that the only time our brave armed forces should be called upon is when our nation or national interests need to be protected. An attack on America or Americans anywhere in the world must bring swift and overwhelming retribution.

On The Issues

Border Security and Stop Illegal Immigration
“Protecting Our Nation, Preserving Our Future”

United in this crucial mission to uphold the safety and prosperity of our nation.

Patient-centric Healthcare
“Let’s Build A Stronger, Healthier America”

Building a Healthier, more resilient future for a healthier America.

Social Security and Medicare
“Standing Strong For Social Security And Medicare”

Honoring the legacy of our parents and fulfill our moral obligation for our seniors.

Economy, Small Business, Inflation, Jobs
“Strengthening Our Economy, Securing Our Future”

Committed to building a stronger, more resilient economy that works.

National Security and Foreign Policy
“Peace Through Strength”

Protecting America’s interests promoting peace and stability.

Women’s Health and Rights
“Honoring Women and Ensuring Well-Being”

Prioritize the patient’s well-being, respecting their choices and beliefs.

The Second Amendment
“Balancing Rights with Responsibility”

Protect this fundamental right & commonsense measures to ensure safety.

Championing Veterans
“A Commitment to Dignity and Respect”

Advocating for the dignity, respect, and medical care for our veterans.