“Balancing Rights with Responsibility”

The Second Amendment

Serving New Jersey’s 3rd District

The Second Amendment

Dr. Rajesh Mohan has a gun license and is a strong supporter of the second amendment. In fact, he has grown up with guns, having been taught the proper and safe use of guns by his father and grandfather.


Dr. Mohan believes that criminals, terrorists, people with mental health disorders who could put themselves or others in danger must not be allowed to own firearms. He also believes that it does not make sense that people should own rocket launchers, machine guns or grenades. Therefore, background checks done efficiently and, in a time-bound manner, cross checked with national and statewide database should be a minimum before any gun purchase. The second amendment is here to stay, and courts and people will make sure that it is protected through their elected representatives. Unnecessary extreme positions as well as inaction to prevent mass murders are counterproductive. Commonsense measures without infringing on individual rights based upon the second amendment are what is required instead of extreme polarizing stances that only lead to status quo.


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Women’s Health and Rights
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The Second Amendment
“Balancing Rights with Responsibility”

Protect this fundamental right & commonsense measures to ensure safety.

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Advocating for the dignity, respect, and medical care for our veterans.