“Standing Strong for Social Security and Medicare”

Social Security and Medicare

Serving New Jersey’s 3rd District

Social Security and Medicare

Together, let’s honor the legacy of our parents and fulfill our moral obligation to care for our seniors with compassion, respect, and unwavering support. Rajesh stands ready to be a voice for our elders, fighting to protect their financial security and healthcare needs with steadfast dedication and resolve.

Uphold the Promise:

Recognize the inherent duty and responsibility we owe to our seniors, who have guided and supported us throughout our lives. Just as our parents cared for us in our times of need, we must ensure their well-being and security in their golden years. Rajesh is committed to protecting and preserving Social Security and Medicare, safeguarding our seniors’ financial stability and healthcare access.

Ensure Financial Security:

Defend Social Security benefits as a vital lifeline for millions of retirees, disabled individuals, and survivors. Rajesh pledges to fight against any threats to cut or diminish these essential benefits, ensuring our seniors can retire with dignity and financial security.

Guarantee Access to Healthcare:

Preserve and strengthen Medicare as a cornerstone of healthcare for our seniors. Rajesh advocates for policies that expand access to affordable healthcare services and prescription drugs, prioritizing the health and well-being of older Americans.

Combat Loneliness and Isolation:

Address the social and emotional needs of seniors by tackling loneliness and isolation, which can have detrimental effects on mental and physical health. Rajesh supports initiatives that promote community engagement, companionship, and support networks for our aging population.

Advocate for Aging Well:

Champion policies that promote healthy aging and active living, empowering seniors to lead fulfilling and independent lives. Rajesh recognizes the importance of preventive care, wellness programs, and age-friendly initiatives that enhance the quality of life for older adults.

Stand Firm in Defense:

Commit to steadfastly advocating for seniors despite opposition or adversity. Rajesh pledges to tirelessly defend Social Security and Medicare, ensuring that the promises made to our seniors are honored and upheld.

Rajesh believes that just as our parents took care of us when we were young and dependent on our parents, guiding and holding our hand through good times and bad, we have the responsibility and duty to do the same in their golden years. Rajesh has put his belief into practice with his parents and will bring the same to seniors. He will protect their Social Security and Medicare, even if he is the last man standing. Although Rajesh cannot physically be every senior’s son, he will fight for their financial well-being and healthcare needs.

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Social Security and Medicare
“Standing Strong For Social Security And Medicare”

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