“Protecting Our Nation, Preserving Our Future”

Border Security and Stop Illegal Immigration

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Border Security and Stop Illegal Immigration

These initiatives are imperative to address the multifaceted challenges posed by illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and border insecurity. By safeguarding our borders and promoting regional cooperation, we can protect American lives and secure a brighter future for all citizens, regardless of political affiliation. Let’s unite in this crucial mission to uphold the safety and prosperity of our nation.

Protecting Our Nation, Preserving Our Future

Implement a comprehensive approach to border security by establishing an impervious border with physical barriers, innovative technology, and increased surveillance where necessary. This includes the construction of a permanent and robust barrier to deter illegal crossings and protect our sovereignty.

Strengthen Border Patrol:

Bolster our border patrol personnel with the necessary resources and manpower to enforce federal law at our borders effectively. This entails increasing the number of trained agents and providing them with advanced technology and equipment to combat illegal immigration and criminal activity.

End Catch and Release:

Enforce regulated entry at checkpoints for non-commercial transit, replacing the ineffective “catch and release” policy with swift detention and deportation for those who enter the country illegally. This ensures that our immigration system prioritizes legal pathways while deterring unlawful entry.

Streamline Asylum Processes:

Enhance asylum seeker screening and processing at designated U.S. consulates in Mexico and other non-hostile countries. Legitimate cases will be promptly referred to U.S. Immigration Services for expedited processing, ensuring a fair and efficient system for those fleeing persecution.

Secure Trade Routes:

Establish exclusive commercial entry and exit points to facilitate lawful trade while preventing the infiltration of illegal goods and human trafficking. By separating legitimate commerce from illicit activities, we safeguard American businesses and promote economic prosperity.

Combat Drug Trafficking:

Collaborate with Latin American and South American countries to dismantle local drug cartels through a strategic “carrot and stick” approach. This involves providing incentives for cooperation while imposing strict consequences for offenders, leading to tangible and sustainable results in the fight against drug trafficking.

Expand Market Access:

Increase access to Latin and South American markets for American goods and services, fostering economic growth and opportunities for U.S. businesses. Strengthening trade ties with our neighbors reduces reliance on foreign markets like China and bolsters regional stability.

Zero-Tolerance Drug Policies:

Partner with Latin and South American countries to implement zero-tolerance policies against drug production, trafficking, and consumption. This comprehensive approach aims to eliminate the flow of drugs from these regions and prevent them from becoming transit points for illicit substances destined for the United States.

These measures are essential to stop the influx of illegal immigrants, drugs, terrorists, criminals, and the drug epidemic that is ruining the lives of Americans. More than 100,000 Americans died of drug overdose in 2023. Our porous border now has become an open border. Every part of our country and all Americans – Republicans, Independents and Democrats – all are being affected by this scourge. This must stop!

On The Issues

Border Security and Stop Illegal Immigration
“Protecting Our Nation, Preserving Our Future”

United in this crucial mission to uphold the safety and prosperity of our nation.

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